Know Vaping brings teenage vaping information to teenagers, themselves.

What I did: Art Direction, Print & Layout, Typography, UI Design

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

The design had to be bright, fun, and appeal to the teenage audience.


Vaping was originally marketed as a tool to help quit smoking — yet for many teenagers, it has become their introduction to nicotine addiction. Recently concerns about teenagers and vaping had surged, yet there was still virtually no vaping information actually targeted at teenagers, themselves. And that needed to change.

This project aims to shift the narrative from "No Vaping" to "Know Vaping"
The Effects page contains bite-sized and collapsable information so users can easily explore what is relevant to them.

What’s the easiest way to make a teenager do something? Tell them not to. I did not set out to make sure no teenager ever vapes again — all I want is for them to be a little more informed beforehand.

The Effect Calculator is a personalized feature that displays theoretical information about (potential) vaping habits.


I focused on creating a teen-relevant, interactive and segmented website with factual vaping information. The website includes a vaping “Effect Calculator” that allows users to enter their (potential) habits and see how it may affect THEM. The website’s design features blocks of bright colour to split up sections of information, and bold headline typography and imagery gives the website a more bold and intriguing presence. In lieu of a traditional poster or billfold, Know Vaping’s website is promoted through an interactive slide-out handout that compares vaping to cigarettes.

I wanted to take an engaging approach on a handout that would resonate with people.
Advertising and web presence are essential to Know Vaping's promotion.
Social channels help Know Vaping connect with its audience, and get them thinking more about the effects of vaping.