24 Hours of Lemons capturing the chaotic cheap car community

What I did: Art Direction,  Illustration, UI Design, Typography & Layout

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

A poster was developed to promote the event, and push a new design style.


24 Hours of Lemons is an unpredictable and chaotic event where car enthusiasts attempt to build, theme, and endurance race shitty $500 cars. The challenge of this project was capturing this comical chaos across a website and poster — keeping them professional and easy to use, yet still screaming LEMONS. Simply describing what 24 Hours of Lemons accurately is proves a difficult task, yet this had to make sense through a poster with a couple of words.

Communicating the right tone was crucial to capturing the 24 Hours of Lemons community — using design and language that feels fun, unpolished, and just a little bit crazy.

It was important the website expressed the comical chaos of 24 Hours of Lemons while being clear and easy to use.
The website needed a complete mobile version as well.


 A limited, bright colour palette helped carry the 24 Hours of Lemons energy into design, and the use of over-the-top illustration with comic book inspired illustration helped to solidify this. The website was designed to be usable and simple first, but with a whole lot of the 24 Hours of Lemons personality shining through. Between the website and poster, chaotic illustration meets jarring angles and bright colours to really capture this essence, visually. The bright and bold poster is impossible to walk by, and grabs any car-enthusiast with the unique messaging and smoking car caricature.

Developing a unique illustration style was challenging in capturing the 24 Hours of Lemons feel just right.