Tespa Hexagonal Handout  bringing high-energy gaming to a print handout

What I did: Print & Layout, Typography

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

This handout is comprised of individual hexagonal sections that fold out.


Whether casually or competitively involved, Tespa helps unite college students through a shared love of video games. With student-lead chapters at over 270 institutions, they needed a way to capture the essence of their boundary-pushing, tech-heavy presence…  through a flimsy paper handout. For many students, this booklet would be their first introduction to Tespa, so it was vital we communicated what Tespa was, and why this was such an awesome opportunity.

It took a lot of trial and error to get the right folds, overlap, and orientation for each page.

 I was challenged with distilling what Tespa is all about into a compact FAQ-style booklet that would have students both informed and exhilarated to join. 


It was apparent from the start that a corporate trifold brochure would not be the way to capture the eyes and hearts of college-aged gamers, so I strived for something a lot more futuristic and cutting-edge. The hexagonal shape of the booklet mirrors the hex tile grid familiar from countless games while enabling interactive flip-out question & answer sections. The booklet had to radiate Tespa’s innovation and energy, so it took on high contrast pages with beams of bright colour, and a familiar strategic pattern to lead throughout. The brochure folds back up into a single hexagon, which makes it simple to slip in your pocket and reference later, or bring home to leave out proudly on your desk.

When you're done, the booklet folds back up into a small single hexagon.
The panels fold out one at a time, leading with the title on the back and then revealing the details.